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The Motor Function Measurement (MFM) is a quantitative scale that measures motor functional abilities in a person with neuromuscular disease.

Regardless of the diagnosis and importance of motor impairments, the MFM makes it possible to:

clarify the symptomatology and evolution of neuromuscular diseases

objectify the impact of therapeutic measures

guide rehabilitative and adaptive measures

facilitate communication between the different actors involved in medical care

select homogeneous groups of patients for therapeutic trials

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La prochaine formation à l’utilisation de la MFM aura lieu à Lyon le 20 Février 2019. Merci de contacter le service formation pour toutes demandes d’information :formation.afehm.escale@gmail.com

A new version of the User Manual : the Chinese version

The foreign versions of the MFM User Manual has been enriched with a new version, the Chinese version. To date, 12 foreign versions are available. Thank you to contact us if you have any translation projects in new languages.

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