Longitudinal Functional and NMR Assessment of Upper Limbs in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Hogrel JY, Wary C, Moraux A, Azzabou N, Decostre V, Ollivier G, Canal A, Lilien C, Ledoux I, Annoussamy M, Reguiba N, Gidaro T, Le Moing AG, Cardas R, Voit T, Carlier PG, Servais L.
Neurology. 2016. 15;86(11):1022-30.
Twenty-five 53-skippable patients with DMD were included in this study. Patients underwent clinical and functional assessments every 6 months using the Motor Function Measure (MFM), hand grip and key pinch strength, MoviPlate, and NMR spectroscopy.
Overall, NMR alterations observed in the upper limb of patients correlated with those observed in the lower limbs of younger patients. Fat infiltration correlated with clinical assessments such as MFM.

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