Longitudinal changes in clinical outcome measures in COL6-related dystrophies and LAMA2-related dystrophies.

Jain MS, Meilleur K, Kim E, Norato G, Waite M, Nelson L, McGuire M, Duong T, Keller K, Lott DJ, Glanzman A, Rose K, Main M, Fiorini C, Chrismer I, Linton M, Punjabi M, Elliott J, Tounkara F, Vasavada R, Logaraj R, Winkert J, Donkervoort S, Leach M, Dastgir J, Hynan L, Nichols C, Hartnett E, Averion GM, Collins JC, Kim ES, Kokkinis A, Schindler A, Zukosky K, Fee R, Hinton V, Mohassel P, Bharucha-Goebel D, Vuillerot C, McGraw P, Barton M, Fontana J, Rutkowski A, Foley AR, Bönnemann C.
Neurology. 2019. 93 (21), e1932-e1943.
Results of a study aiming to identify the rate of change of clinical outcome measures in children with 2 types of congenital muscular dystrophy (CMD), COL6-related dystrophies (COL6-RDs) and LAMA2-related dystrophies (LAMA2-RDs).
47 patients were assessed during 4 yeras by outcome measures including MFM-32, myometry, goniometry, pulmonary function tests, and quality-of-life measures.
Total MFM-32 scores for COL6-RDs and LAMA2-RDs decreased at a rate of 4.01 and 2.60 points, respectively, each year (p < 0.01).

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