Adult MTM1-related myopathy carriers: Classification based on deep phenotyping

Cocanougher BT, Flynn L, Yun P, Jain M, Waite M, Vasavada R, Wittenbach JD, de Chastonay S, Chhibber S, Innes AM, MacLaren L, Mozaffar T, Arai AE, Donkervoort S, Bönnemann CG, Foley AR.
Neurology. 2019. 93 (16), e1535-e1542.
Results of a cohort study performed at the NIH Clinical Center illustrating the phenotypic range of MTM1-related myopathy carriers in adulthood and recommends a phenotypic classification. This classification, defined by ambulatory status and muscle weakness, is supported by muscle MRI, pulmonary function tests, and MFM-32 scale composite score findings.

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