Quantitative muscle MRI to follow up late onset Pompe patients: a prospective study

Figueroa-Bonaparte S, Llauger J, Segovia S, Belmonte I, Pedrosa I, Montiel E, Montesinos P, Sánchez-González J, Alonso-Jiménez A, Gallardo E, Illa I, Díaz-Manera J ; Spanish Pompe group.
Sci Rep. 2018. 18;8(1):10898. 
In this study, 32 Late onset Pompe disease patients (22 symptomatic and 10 asymptomatic) underwent muscle MRI using 3-point Dixon at inclusion and after one year, and were evaluated with several
motor function tests, among them the MFM-20, and patient-reported outcome measures.
Authors concluded that qMRI is a very efficient tool for demonstrating the muscular condition of Pompe patients from the morphological point of view, and to monitor symptomatic and asymptomatic

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