Disease duration and disability in dysfelinopathy can be described by muscle imaging using heatmaps and random forests.

Gómez-Andrés D, Díaz J, Munell F, Sánchez-Montáñez Á, Pulido-Valdeolivas I, Suazo L, Garrido C, Quijano-Roy S, Bevilacqua JA.
Muscle Nerve. 2019. 59(4), 436-444.
The manner in which imaging patterns change over the disease course and with increasing disability in dysferlinopathy is not fully understood. In the study, fibroadipose infiltration of 61 muscles was scored based on whole-body MRI of 33 patients with dysferlinopathy.
Disease duration is related to infiltration of infraspinatus, teres major-minor and supraspinatus muscles. MFM-D1 decreases with higher infiltration of teres major-minor, triceps and sartorius.

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Keywords: disability; dysferlin; heatmap; machine learning; muscle imaging; random forest

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