Two-minute versus 6-minute walk distances during 6-minute walk test in neuromuscular disease: Is the 2-minute walk test an effective alternative to a 6-minute walk test?

Witherspoon JW, Vasavada R, Logaraj RH, Waite M, Collins J, Shieh C, Meilleur K, Bönnemann C, Jain M.
Eur J Paediatr Neurol. 2019. 23 (1), 165-170.
The primary objective of this study is to establish the utility of the 2-min walk test (2MWT) in patients with neuromuscular disorders based on the correlation between 2-min walk distance (2MWD, the first 2 min of the longer 6-min walk) and the 6-min walk distance (6MWD).
The secondary objective is to compare the 2MWD and 6MWD to motor performance tests including the timed floor- to-stand test, timed ascent and descent of stairs, and the MFM-32.

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Keywords: 2-min walk test, 6-min walk test, Neuromuscular disorders, Pediatrics

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